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Men‘s Liberation - Liberation from what!?

Aktualisiert: 14. Feb. 2020

Are women and men really so different?

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Are men and women really so different?

I think there is way too much talk about how men and women are different. We must overcome this separation between the masculine and feminine aspects of our personality. This division exists within the fabrics of our mind andit plays out in our relationships with women, in how we treat Mother Earth, in how we disregard the vulnerable and the weak.

The good news is that many men begin to realise that: If we want to change the world or humanity we must change the working of our mind.

Are man and women equal?

No, they are unique and incomparable. In my understanding, the difference between men and women only exists on a biological level. On the physical plane, we are EITHER a man OR a woman. Psychologically everybody is a man AND a women, because we all got this unique mix of masculine and feminine qualities. But spiritually we are NEITHER man NOR women. And that’s what’s most important to me personally: In our hearts and in our soul we belong together. We are parts of each other. We belong to one humanity. We are together in this, creating a better world.

Do we need to redefine manhood?

Not again! Nobody needs to tell us how to be a man. We don’t need leaders, gurus or bosses to tell us how to be. So for me, the Men’s Liberation is ultimately about the freedom to be you.

What is masculinity?

I think men should really nurture and appreciate their positive male qualities. Men are wonderful, powerful, courageous and adventurous. But men can also be egoistic, violent, careless and controlled. It is our call to take responsibility for our negative male qualities! Men’s Liberation is about detoxifying masculinity from the past, the archetypes of patriarchy and the narcissistic alpha males.

Can men also be feminine?

Why would you only want to be only half a man, when you can have it both, masculine and feminine qualities? Men are sensitive, intuitive, caring and empathic! Men’s Liberation is about owning and appreciating our feminine qualities.

Is there anything wrong about week men?

Whats wrong about weekness? Nobody should always have to be strong. That’s a cliché. Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we hesitate. Sometimes we feel down.

Men should also have the courage to own the week parts of our psyche. That’s a real challenge, to be vulnerable.

Who can participate in the Men’s Liberation seminars ?

Men’s Liberation is for men with an open heart and an open mind. For brothers and friends on the path. For men with a passion for truth and freedom.

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