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Prayer for our Children

Aktualisiert: 2. März 2020

Prayer from the Path of Love

A prayer for our children.

I want to ask you for forgiveness.

My generation screwed up.

But I want to urge you:

do not loose hope!

Because this is how you were born:

Full of hope, trust and innocence.

Your essence is freedom.

But we imprisoned you

with our morality, vanity and inhumanity.

We polluted your lucid minds,

We corrupted your delicate hearts

With our dogmas, greed and hate.

Please forgive my generation!

When we inherited earth,

our planet was pristine.

Waters were pure.

The air was clean.

We polluted earth.

We plundered mother earth!

We wasted your resources

and we gambled with your future.

And for what?

For our insatiable greed and gluttonnee.

But please, do not loose hope.

We landed on the Moon and now travel to Mars.

We created machines that can do the hard work.

We got the technology to feed everyone.

We have the science to eradicate all disease.

We hold the solutions to transform earth into paradise.

The problem which remains is man itself!

And at the very core of our problems

is our medieval mind.

But we got the power

to transcend the primitive parts of our mind:

We can stop throwing stones.

We can own our negativity.

We can transform our violence.

We can better cope with fears.

We can learn how to love

We can be more compassionate

We can learn not to hate.

We can treat earth with respect.

We can elect altruistic leaders.

From the depth of my soul

I am longing for peace.

And there is hope because we begin to realize

that peace on earth starts within our own minds.

May there be peace among man and woman.

Peace among parents and children.

Peace among religions and nations.

Peace among Man and Mother Earth

May we find peace in our own mind.

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